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Thompson $2000 Modified Victory in NCRA Hutchinson Action!




FOR IMMEDIATE REELASE – Hutchinson, Kansas – April 19, 2014 - Jon Thompson of Superior, Nebraska made his long tow a profitable one as he took the lead at the start and never looked back in claiming his second career National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified feature Saturday night atop the famed Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kansas.


Thompson’s victory was worth $2000 and was the second victory atop half mile tracks in which the tour competes. His first tour victory came last season atop the famed Belleville High Banks.


Former four-time tour champion John Allen gave chase throughout the event and would come home second while three-time and defending tour champion Marc Hurd continued his strong run at the fairgrounds to finish third. Jason McGee and Joe Adams rounded out the top five.


The four heat races for the 32 car field were won by Kirby Robe, Hurd, McGee and Allen while Tyler Davis brought home the “B” feature victory.


The NCRA modified tour will take almost two full months off and will be in action once again on Saturday night, June 14th, when they make their first ever appearance atop the Salina High Banks Speedway in Salina, Oklahoma.


NCRA Modifieds


Kansas State Fairgrounds/Hutchinson, Kansas




32 Cars


1st Heat: 1) Kirby Robe (Colwich, Ks), 2) Nic Baalman (Park City, Ks), 3) AJ Brochu (Enid, Ok), 4) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks), 5) Johnny Whitmore (Wichita, Ks), 6) Brian Franz (Halstead, Ks), 7) Kyle Schmidt, 8) Adam Schrag (Hutchinson, Ks)


2nd Heat: 1) Marc Hurd (Wichita, Ks), 2) Chris Pitts (Nickerson, Ks), 3) Bud Longpine (Drummond, Ok), 4) Joe Adams (Enid, Ok), 5) Jimmie Hobbs (Bentley, KS), 6) Briar Oelkers (Wichita, Ks), 7) Josh Lanterman (Wichita, Ks), 8) Rodney Chaffin (Wichita, Ks)


3rd Heat: 1) Jason McGehee (Wichita, Ks), 2) Jon Thompson (Superior, Ne), 3) Tyler Davis (Derby, Ks), 4) Cuyler Calkin (Wichita, Ks), 5) Niel Dossie (Haysville, Ks), 6) Tyler Shearhod (Wichita, Ks), 7) Don Hodge (Wichita, Ks), 8) Kirk Coleman (Wichita, Ks)


4th Heat: 1) John Allen (Chanute, Ks), 2) Robbie Simmons (Wichita, Ks), 3) Cecil Dymond (Goddard, Ks), 4) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 5) Dan Powers (Wichita, Ks), 6) Jeremy Mahoney (Hutchinson, Ks), 7) Bill Siemers (Mulvane, Ks), 8) Jeff Oelkers (Wichita, Ks)


B Feature: 1) Tyler Davis (Derby, Ks), 2) Bud Longpine (Drummond, Ok), 3) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks), 4) Cuyler Calkin (Wichita, Ks), 5) Cecil Dymond (Goddard, Ks), 6) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 7) Brian Franz (Halstead, Ks), 8) Dan Powers (Wichita, Ks), 9) Tyler Shearhod (Wichita, Ks), 10) Johnny Whitmore (Wichita, Ks), 11) Josh Lanterman (Wichita, Ks), 12) Bill Siemers (Mulvane, Ks), 13) Rodney Chaffin (Wichita, Ks), 14) Jeremy Mahoney (Hutchinson, Ks), 15) Jimmie Hobbs (Bentley, KS), 16) Briar Oelkers (Wichita, Ks), 17) Jeff Oelkers (Wichita, Ks), 18) Niel Dossie (Haysville, Ks), 19) Kirk Coleman (Wichita, Ks), 20) Kyle Schmidt, 21) Adam Schrag (Hutchinson, Ks), 22) Don Hodge (Wichita, Ks)


A Feature: 1) Jon Thompson (Superior, Ne), 2) John Allen (Chanute, Ks), 3) Marc Hurd (Wichita, Ks), 4) Jason McGehee (Wichita, Ks), 5) Joe Adams (Enid, Ok), 6) Kirby Robe (Colwich, Ks), 7) Robbie Simmons (Wichita, Ks), 8) Tyler Davis (Derby, Ks), 9) Nic Baalman (Park City, Ks), 10) Bud Longpine (Drummond, Ok), 11) Chris Pitts (Nickerson, Ks), 12) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 13) Dan Powers (Wichita, Ks), 14) Tyler Shearhod (Wichita, Ks), 15) Cecil Dymond (Goddard, Ks), 16) Cuyler Calkin (Wichita, Ks), 17) Brian Franz (Halstead, Ks), 18) AJ Brochu (Enid, Ok), 19) Johnny Whitmore (Wichita, Ks), 20) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks)

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