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March  27  Sprint Car Practice Only for Air Capital Shootout  6pm - 9pm   BG Products of Kansas "Quick Time" 8pm

March  28  Pepsi Presents: Air Capital Shootout:  NCRA Sprint Car Series $5,000 To Win plus the Non Wing W.O.W. Sprints  7pm

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April   11  Park City Presents "Spring Flash and Smash:"  Flat Track Motorcycle Races & Bolt & Chain Car Demolition Derby  7pm 

April   12  Open Practice:  1pm - 5pm

April   15  Wednesday Night Practice Begins:  6pm - 8pm

April   17  Spring Scramble:  NCRA Modified Series, Street Stock, Thumper  7pm

April   18  Spring Scramble:  NCRA Modified Series, NCRA Sprint Car Series  7pm

April   25   Kwik Shop, Kroger Accounting Service, March of Dimes Season Opener:  Qualifying Heat Races: 2pm  Feature Events: 7pm  (Sprint Cars, 305 Sprints, Modified, AAAModified, Rookie Modified, Street Stock, Thumper, Mod Lite, Hornet)









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NCRA Spring Fling Sport Mod Friday Night Results!

The opening night of the inaugural "Sport Mod Spring Fling" featuring the season opener for the Bob Howard PDC and Mopar National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products southern sport modified division kicked off on Friday night at 81 Speedway in Park City.

Thirty-five cars took part in two separate heat races with heat race finishing and passing points used to determine last chance and the championship feature for Saturday night.

Among the heat race winners for the first session were defending tour champion Travis Johnson, Mark Harrison, former two-time champion Chad McNamara and Ross McCartney. The second set of heat race winners were Kinzer Edwards, Harrison, Frank Graven and Johnson.
The top ten in total points from both will partake in a random draw before racing action on Championship Saturday night. Those drivers include, from highest points to the tenth highest: Kinzer Edwards, Travis Johnson, Frank Graven, Mark Harrison, Chad McNamara, Robert Elliott, Todd Decker, Chris Balthrop, Ross McCartney and Kenny Morris.

The drivers who will start on rows six and seven are: Bud Longpine, Cleo Adams, T.J. Guffey and Brandon Smith.

The balance of the field will start in last chance qualifiers with the top ten finishers rounding out the twenty-four car field for the fifty lap feature finale.

First Session Heat Races: 10 Laps

1st Heat: 1) Travis Johnson, 2) Kinzer Edwards, 3) Todd Decker, 4) David Fisher, 5) Thomas Andsanger, 6) Creighton Decker, 7) J.D. Choate, DNS) Bobby Fiest, Kyle Choate

2nd Heat: 1) Mark Harrison, 2) Chris Balthrop, 3) Kenny Morris, 4) T.J. Guffey, 5) Marlin Farr, 6) Tony Huddleston, 7) Chris Lyons, 8) Tim Ford, 9) Craig Ridgway

3rd Heat: 1) Chad McNamara, 2) Robert Elliott, 3) Greg Deterding, 4) Bud Longpine, 5) Steve Little, 6) Andy Deterding, 7) Tim Echeverie, 8) Bobby McGehee, 9) Jason Martin

4th Heat: 1) Ross McCartney, 2) Frank Graven, 3) Brandon Smith, 4) Cleo Adams, 5) Caleb Edwards, 6) Darrell Thompson, 7) Courtney McCartney, 8) Andrew Wallace

Second Session Heat Races: 8 Laps

1st Heat: 1) Kinzer Edwards, 2) Cleo Adams, 3) Chris Lyons, 4) Ross McCartney, 5) Tim Ford, 6) Andrew Wallace, DNS) Andy Deterding, Jason Martin, Bobby Fiest

2nd Heat: 1) Mark Harrison, 2) Todd Decker, 3) Bobby McGehee, 4) Kenny Morris, 5) Brandon Smith, 6) Tim Echeverie, 7) Craig Ridgway, 8) Tommy Huddleston, 9) Kyle Choate

3rd Heat: 1) Frank Graves, 2) T.J. Guffey, 3) Bud Longpine, 4) Darrell Thompson, 5) Chris Balthrop, 6) David Fisher, 7) Courtney McCartney, 8) Creighton Decker, 9) Steve Little

4th Heat: 1) Travis Johnson, 2) Chad McNamara, 3) Robert Elliott, 4) J.D. Choate, 5) Caleb Edwards, 6) Marlin Farr, 7) Greg Deterding, 8) Thomas Andsager


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